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March 14, 2018

Centre for Bioinformatics

The Centre for Bioinformatics was started as Distributed Information Sub-Centre funded by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India in the year 1991 and was upgraded to a full-fledged Centre in 2001. It was conferred Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics by the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Govt. of India in 2007. The Centre offers M.Sc, in Bioinformatics, M.Tech Computational Biology and Ph.D Programs. M.Tech. Computational Biology is a collaborative network programme with the support of Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.


Cancer genome studies have revealed abnormalities in genes which are responsible for the development and growth of several cancer types. This knowledge has improved our understanding on cancer biology and provided ways to develop new methods to diagnose and treat cancers. Although a large number of genetic alterations and the strategies adopted have driven the understanding in the development and progression of many types of cancers, still some tumors remain un-characterized. However, investigations with newer technologies are being attempted to foresee and define the full set of driver mutations or alterations in DNA and RNA that influence the development of aggressive cancers in many cancers. Thus, the molecular basis of clinical phenotypes and their response to a given therapy, as well as mechanisms of resistance to treatment are being concentrated and Hence, it urges attention to keep updates about the scientific accomplishments and focus on cancer research due importance have been given at clinical phases during the process of drug developments. and with this view, a seminar on the highlighted theme "Trends in Cancer Omics" is proposed to benefit the scientific community and participants to expand their current knowledge in cancer Omics.

  • Cancer Genomics

  • Role of Big data in Cancer research

  • Proteomic Advances in Cancer Research
Who can Apply

Open to M.Sc/ M.Tech, Ph.D, Post-Doc Scholars, Faculty from Life Science Departments.

Poster/Oral presentation
  • 50 poster presentation from participants are welcome

  • Selection is based on background and first come first serve basis

  • Best Three Posters will be invited for Oral presentations

Total number of participants: 150

Complementary : Lunch and refreshments and Certificates.

How to Register

Applicants can register only by online at www.bicpu.edu.in

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline         : March 10, 2018
Intimation of selected posters       : March 10, 2018


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Centre for Bioinformatics
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